Photovoltaic carport canopies

Our carport canopies can be integrated with energy storage facilities or car chargers

Features and advantages of Photovoltaic Carports Victoria®

  • Modern structure
  • Modular design
  • Durability, long service life and highest quality components
  • Adaptability of structure type depending on location
  • Convenient vehicle parking
  • Customised projects and colours
  • Protection against weather conditions
  • Short assembly time and easy installation
  • Modular systems
  • Durable and high-quality materials
  • Suitability for almost all types of PV modules
  • Modern and elegant look.
Row of parking spots
Victoria carport with a butterfly roof

PV carport canopy assembly Victoria

Stage 1

Supporting structure installation

Stage 2

Roof installation

Stage 3

PV modules installation
Fertiger Carport
Beispiel für den Einsatz des Multi-Carports
Our Victoria carport, apart from having a number of practical uses, is also visually pleasing and can perfectly fit into the architecture of its surroundings. Its design can be personalised (e.g. the height of the shelter) and its colour selected from the RAL palette.

The PV modules can also be individually customised, e.g. the full black version, which helps them change with the current trends and match any type of architecture.

Victoria carports not only increase the functionality and value of the property where they are located, but also optimise the parking space and provide additional value in the form of electricity generation.
Our carport canopies can be integrated with energy storage facilities or car chargers.

Application visualizations before and after implementation